How IHS Folks Celebrated Diwali!

purple-fireworks-with-starsThe KHDA inspections got over on Wednesday 22nd October, 2014 and IHS folks geared up for a 4 day long weekend! On 23rd October, 2014, Indians celebrated Diwali, in different parts of the world. After the rigorous inspections the school and all the students and teachers of the school deserved a good break.

It was a celebration time for the staff and the students. Students and teachers were euphoric about it. There were more reasons to rejoice. “We had four day holidays. And since there were no examinations looming ahead, we enjoyed Diwali without any tension,” said an excited Rohan Modak, Grade 9.


Diwali is the most eagerly awaited and widely celebrated Indian festivals. It is moreover a national festival that is enjoyed by most Indians regardless of faith. The significance behind Diwali varies amongst the different states of India. While the stories may differ, they all celebrate the triumph of good over evil.

The day began for most of the people by visiting the temple at Bur Dubai. Quite many of them performed pooja at home to invoke blessings of goddess Lakshmi. Following that, they visited friends and family and exchanged gifts and Indian sweets.


Isaias Thomas Biju of grade 5 received a sweet surprise, when N. Santosh Srinivas of grade-8, his neighbour gave a box of home-made sweets and namkeens. “It was very sweet of Santosh. I will definitely send him plum cakes on Christmas,” said Isaiah. The festival thrives in spreading joy and happiness and often sees assimilation of cultures and differences.

Since the festival of lights also brings newer kinds of decorations at home, some of the older students of IHS, were also busy helping their parents in decorating the house. They took great interest in doing rangoli, (colorful pattern created on the floor of the entrance) and tying torans at the main door of the house.

“This year I have taken the responsibility of Diwali decoration. I have lit the balconies with strings of electric light and interiors with marigold flowers.” said Pragun Pande of grade 9.

D_Firework_02By sunset, the houses were lit up with diyas (small earthen oil lamps) and the sky, with colorful fireworks. The young ones were content with the sparklers, but the older ones braved it out with the louder, more powerful fireworks. The commotion continued late into the night. The celebrations went on for the next three days.

The night of Diwali saw, burst of crackers, Mrs. Malati Suresh, the primary wing teacher of IHS who lives in their neighbourhood. The students greeted the teachers. “Diwali is not just about crackers and sweets. It is also about enlightenment of the soul. We should pray not only for our worldly success but also for our spiritual well-being,” said Mrs. Suresh.

By Naail Mohammed Ghazi
Junior Reporter of Light House

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