IHS Students Win Puzzle, 2014

On the 28th of October, twelve students from the Indian High School, Dubai participated in Puzzle 2014, an inter-school general knowledge quiz competition held by Big Idea UAE and E-max.

Two of the students, Soorya Srinivasan and Izaan Khan bagged second place in the competition in the senior category. Over 350 teams participated in this competition.

The quiz consisted of a preliminary round with thirty questions from a varying array of topics including British Prime Ministers, different species of apple, and riddles. Teams consisted of two students from the same school, and only 5 teams would participate in the grand finale. The finale had even quirkier rounds such as identifying celebrities based on their baby photos and a “deep thought” round which involved interpreting the meaning of seemingly random strings of letters. After a remarkable battle of the wits, the Indian High School team emerged second by a margin of only 5 points, losing to the team from Delhi Private School, Sharjah, which displayed amazing abilities of information recollection in the rapid fire round. The Indian High School also placed third in the junior category of the quiz.

Picture1Tanish Jain, a student from 11th grade, also participated in the competition and had a lot to say about it, “I think Puzzle ’14 was a wonderful quiz. I especially enjoyed the Grand Finale, which had a variety of questions about anything and everything under the sun. The best part, however, was how the atmosphere of the place evoked mixed emotions throughout: from the great trepidation during the preliminary round, to elation and excitement when answering questions during the quiz.”

Shlok Misra, another student from grade 11 who participated in the quiz, remarked, “A fantastic experience. A game-changer on the road to find the finest young minds in Dubai.”

The top three teams received Trophies, medals and other goodies such as free tickets to theme parks, electronics and more. “I absolutely enjoyed the whole event and look forward to attending it next year too”, said Tanish.

By Izaan Khan and Soorya Srinivasan
The Editorial Board Members of Light House

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