The Business Legend Continues

The Bizz Buzz event completes 2 years in the Indian High School, once again proving the capabilities of the future Entrepreneurs.

The Bizz buzz event, 2014 conducted on the 13th of September, 2014 by the grade 12 members of the IHS B-e club successfully showcased an exclusive, erudite, corporate and polished side of the young business world.

DSCF9181 - CopyThe Bizz Buzz event pushed off with the introduction of the business club and the event, with the club members introducing the objectives and aims of the B-e club. The event was held with the emotion of empowering young minds with the knowledge of the competitive business world. Rhea Das, The chairman of the B-e club enlightened the students of grade 11 and 12 saying, “ In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins- cash and experience. Take the experience first and cash will flow in later.”

The Bizz Buzz event comprised of four competitions: The Business Quiz, Ad Mad, Case study and Product Launch with most of these events ongoing simultaneously at various venues in the school at the same time.

Mr. G. Krishnamoorthy, the judge of the business quiz, an IIM graduate and who had also hosted the event last year was more than happy to offer a few words of advice for the future business tycoons saying that, “I would just like to say two things- One, to read, read and read because that’s when you learn more, get to do it and enjoy it more. The 2nd is to start thinking creative.”

DSCF9058Quiz It comprised of six rounds with the participants enthusiastically taking part in the quiz competition, competitively fighting,  with three teams emerging as winners. This is what Neha of 12 com E, a member of the winner’s group had to say, “The Bizz Buzz event is amazing. It gives us an opportunity to do a lot of new things and we get to explore our talents as well.”

Ad Mad – The most creative and trilling show was held in the school auditorium, where the teams are handed out topics on which they had to create an ad. The Ad Mad show brought out the talents of the students in the most creative way, bringing out an opportunity to learn more and be classier in life. The event was judged under the watchful eye of Mr. Shantesh Sunil Row, an executive creative director with three teams again emerging as winners and the participating teams also put up a tasteful event. This is what Salma of 12 arts had to say about the event, “ It was amazing, a pretty cool experience to actually work with people. It was a good team effort. Lots of fun.”

DSCF9121 - CopyCase Study – Executing a power point presentation like professionals in front of a large audience including the judge K. Shyam, a Career Corporate Banker at Standard Chartered Bank after  an intense research done by six participating groups. The contestants were given their respective topics a week prior to the presenting day. Aisha Saderuddin of 12 Com A, the student in charge of the case study said “There were a lot of last minute difficulties and errors ….. but with the help of the ICT department and the chachas they set the venue in time.” This is what  Sharanya of 12 Com Da member of the winning team  had to say about how they prepared for the presentation, “Anusha, Asiyeh and I just met for a day, we found our topic very inspiring and practiced the presentation and speech a few times in our head and loudly!”

DSCF9073DSCF9085 - CopyProduct  Launch – The most inventive rounds of all the four ,the Product Launch gave the participants a platform to put forward their ideas on the launch of a product completely alien to today’s market. “The students came up with ideas of products that could have a  possibility to exist in the future … and I’m looking forward to the day that it does!”,  Mr. Alok Lal, Head of IT at Aujan Coca Cola Beverages Company and the judge of the event said after being impressed by the creative minds of the new generation. There was a tie for the first place between Team Oracle and Team Generation X.

Niha Niamath of 11 Com A, an audience and volunteer to the extravagant program told “A lot of hard work was visible in the performance of all the groups…In short, It was an overwhelming performance”

The section Supervisor , Mrs. Latika Narain along with Mrs. Girija G. Krishnan , Head of Commerce Department plans on taking this successful event to Dubai school levels too, making it an inter-school competition. She urged the students to take  the entrepreneurial spirit forward and that it was there in each and every one of us.

DSCF9212 - Copy


The event came to an end with words of Padma, The deputy of B-e club saying, “..when we express gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them.” The students and participants left the venue with a memorable experience instilled deep in their hearts and look forward to the Bizz Buzz completing its third anniversary.

By Merlyn Thomas and Nelisha Mehta
Senior Reporters of Light House

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