Engaging & Educational Trip to United Kingdom

The school organized another one of its amazing educational tours, this time to the United Kingdom. The tour was planned for the Eid- Al –Adha holidays and was conducted by BCD Travels. The tour was proposed to start on 4th October 2014 and last till 9th October 2014.

20141006_150149By about 5 am on the 4th of October the flight to Doha took off from Dubai International Airport. It was a short one hour flight. After reaching the Doha the students boarded the Qatar Airways’ Dreamliner to Edinburgh.  The Dreamliner being a legendary airplane had windows which could be adjusted according to mood swing, more walking space and Wi-Fi on air. The flight was long and it took 7 hours to reach the destination Edinburgh. The students caught on a bus ride and were taken to the Scottish castle. “The weather was cold and hazy”, says Aditya Mohun, who was a part of the trip “totally different from that of Dubai”. The Scottish castle which is located on top of a hill displays the history of Scotland. The castles crest is a lion standing up right with its claws held up. The castle shows the history of Scotland at different time periods. Later the students were taken on a short tour of historic Scotland. They visited the Scotland square, a palace where Queen Victoria lived and other magnificent places. The students retired for the night in hotel Holiday Inn.

20141010_152521The next day on the 5th the students started off with a trip to the Gorgy Farm. The students got a chance to explore pasturage and farm animals that they have only read in textbooks. After a quick photo session the students visited the HMY Britannia followed by a visit to Her Majesty’s yacht. The yacht had the Queen’s cabin and other cabins for sailors. Following this was a trip to a café where J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter. “The tour guide explained that J.K Rowling used to sit with a cup of coffee on a table, and she would write for the whole day” says Aditya. The students left Edinburgh for Glasgow the same day. It was a two hour bus ride and the students were mesmerized by the natural beauty of Glasgow.

20141007_205228On the 6th the students visited a cathedral and later followed a city tour. They visited a shop called 1 POUND SHOP. In this shop you would get anything for 1 pound. They took a train back to Edinburgh from where they took a long train called West Coast to the ever famous Kings Cross station in London.

20141010_151404The next day the young tourists visited the world famous Oxford College. They visited two top colleges including Magdalen College and Christ Church College. “The colleges were surrounded with natural beauty, there were places where filmmakers shoot films” says Sheikh Khalid another student who was on the trip.

20141010_131109On the 8th of October the students saw the Buckingham Palace and the Change of Guards. Later they took pictures near the London Bridge. Next on the trip was Madame Thussauds wax statue museum. The Madame Thussauds is a unique London based museum with branches elsewhere in the world. “There were many statues of celebrities like Emma Watson, Aiswarya Rai, Amitabh Buchan, sports players like Pele, David Beckham, Sachin Tendulkar, political leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Dalai Lama, Barack Obama and performers like Michel Jackson and Rihanna” says Aditya “the amazing thing is that the wax statues looked so identical that you can’t differentiate between the real and duplicate person” he adds.  After this the student took a ride in the London Eye.

20141010_131154On the last day the students visited the one and only Lord’s cricket stadium. Some interesting thing that caught the eye was the paintings of players, dressing rooms, and the media room. “The tour guide explained that there was a 2cm slope in the cricket ground that could only be noticed from the stands” says Khalid. The students arrived at the Heathrow Airport. They took a flight to Doha and finally back to Dubai. “I just wish the length of the tour was increased” says Khalid at the end. “All the teachers were very supportive, all of them encouraged us to keep going” adds Aditya.

This has proved to be another successful trip by the Indian High School and the entire student body is waiting for the next amazing educational tour.

 By Midhun Manoj
Junior Reporter of Light House

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