The ‘Edutainment’ Program, Comm Factor

On the 10th of September 2014, the second edition of Comm Factor was held in the boys’ section of The Indian High School Dubai. The day-long program had many fun-filled and educating activities that was enjoyed by all. The audience for the so-called “edutainment” program consisted of the boys’ commerce section of 11th and 12th and members of the B-E Club from the girls’ section.

IMG_1116The program was organized by Mrs Zayed Sharif and Mrs Shisa Anil, along with a special team of students hand-picked by the teachers of the commerce department, all dressed up in formals, shining brightly. A few words were mentioned by Tushar Gupta, the organizer of the first edition of Comm Factor who was more than happy to come back to his Alma Mater and speak to his juniors and teachers! “Comm Factor has witnessed exponential growth in terms of talent, content, variety and participation.”

The program kicked off with the quiz, which consisted of 4 teams, Team Venture Capitalists, Team Blue Chip, Team Fortune Four and Team Corporate Raiders. The first place went to Team Corporate Raiders and the first runner’s up went to Team Blue Chip.

IMG_4967Following the quiz was the Budding Chef’s competition, which had 4 chefs battling it out with a challenge to make a salad and juice in 15 minutes, which eventually led to a lot of cut fingers but tasty dishes. A 15 minute break followed, after which The Ad Mad Competition started. There were 3 advertisements presented, with the winning team being Team PAYASAM. I was fortunate enough to interview Pranay Sunder, one of the 4 members of Corporate Raiders and the director of PAYASAM.

Did you have any strategy for the quiz?  If yes, then would you mind sharing the strategy with us?

Yeah we had one strategy, every member had one strong point, one for logos, one for general knowledge, etc, and we worked hard for each of our respective points and we succeeded.

How would you describe your team mates for the quiz?

Everyone contributed equally, but a special mention has to go out to Krishna who performed well for every round.

How would you describe the opponent teams for the quiz?

Blue chip were very challenging, more challenging than expected,and the others did very well too! Hats off to all of them!

IMG_4917Which round of the quiz did you find most challenging? Why?

The Packaging and Labeling round, because none of us had enough creativity to make an exceptional package in the time allotted!

You were the director of the winning advertisement too, about Hakia Mobile Phones. What was your inspiration to make this?

The original idea was a sports shoe, but with the resources available, we decided to shift to a mobile phone.

How long did it take to film and edit this advertisement?

Filming took approximately 2 days, and editing was done in a single day, had to miss some classes for it too!

The advertisement was heavily based on humor, who was responsible for the script?

The name was suggested by Anosh, and there was a basic idea, and everyone contributed to add and improve the humor!

 Thank you so much Pranay! And congratulations once again on your victories! 

Thank you! I have to mention it was a well organized program, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

IMG_5033 Following the Ad Mad Competition was a Movie Making competition, with the topic “Sorry”. Both movies received huge applauds, and were very professional indeed! Then came the Photography Contest, with the topic “Joy” and “Droplets of Water”. Again, each photo entered was very professional, and again received loud applauds. After the Photography Contest, there were a few fillers, which included a musical performance from the school band Treble Makers, and stand up comedy from Roofi Shaikh and Ibrahim Hussain, which left everyone catching their stomachs in laughter! One particular line, “What kind of cheese do Indians prefer? Huanity. Why? Kyunki insaniyat naam ki ek cheese hoti hai!” left everyone breathless with laughter! Then came the most awaited Fashion Show, with 10 models, each sporting a different theme, and each looking ramp ready! The program came to a close with the Vote of Thanks by one of the organizers. There was 30 minutes left to mark the end of the school day, so the 30 minutes were filled with dancing and enjoyment by many on stage! As everyone left the Shaikh Rashid Auditorium, everyone felt as they had truly witnessed one of the best programs of the academic year 2014-2015.

By Rohit Madhusudanan
The Editorial Board Member of Light House


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