The Quest for Knowledge at World Scholar’s Cup

“The world is full of magical things patiently waiting to help our wits grow sharper.”
~ Bertrand Russell

Yet once again, IHS students bring laurels to the school at an international level at the World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) Global Round held in Singapore between 24-27 June, 2014. The Global Round examined students on the basis of their team spirit, debating, writing and listening skills, while testing their ability to make cross curricular references to the given subjects relating to the theme ‘The World Within’.

The event was inaugurated at The Star Atrium in Singapore, which was shortly followed by the first major event – The Scavenger Hunt, which has been modelled after those held at Stanford University. It was held at the iconic Sentosa Island with purpose of determining how well individual team members are able function with members from other teams, and followed by a refreshing dinner.

The next day saw groups of enthusiastic scholars debate their way through topics of social stigmas, the espionage and peer pressure.  Each team refuted their proposed arguments, while gaining perspective on the other side of the coin. Best debaters amongst all participants were selected for the Final Debate. Riddhi Wanchoo, an IHS participant, said, “The debate was an eye-opening experience, wherein we were freed of our previous assumptions and social stigmas.”

IHS student Keertana Subramani was one among the final debaters who won an Honorable mention for her orator skills, alongside emerging victorious in the Final Debate. The debates were followed by the Collaborative Writing Challenge and the Scholar’s Challenge. The Writing Challenges presented scholars with six statements of which one was selected by each participant to on the basis of which an essay had to be written. The Scholar’s Challenge was a multiple choice testing each individual on their knowledge of the subject. IHS team consisting of students Sanskriti Naik, Chelsea Fernandes and Blanche Pinto secured 8th position out of an estimate of 1000 teams in the senior category for Team Collaborative Writing. Maanasa Srikrishna, Pooja Baburaj and Nikita Margaret Vincent procured an Honorable mention for specific areas under study for the Scholar’s Challenge. The evening withheld another adventure for the participants in the form of a Night Safari, where they learnt about the regional wildlife

The Scholar’s Bowl was scheduled on 26 June, the event had participants analyze links and form theories to answer the multiple choice questions and, unlike the Scholar’s Challenge, this was a team effort.

The day came to a close with the popular Scholar’s Ball which was held at Zouk, a popular club at Singapore. Scholars interacted and socialized among themselves to the tune of urban beats. Nikita Margaret Vincent said enthusiastically, “I’m taking so many good memories with me, and I’ve befriended people from across the globe. I befriended a Japanese student named Shin Kawaguchi during the Scavenger Hunt.”

She further advised future participants, “It isn’t easy, but, if want to achieve a position WSC, you must work very hard. Brush up on your speaking and writing skills. Be at par with the current affairs. But, it is definitely worth a try.”

The following day helped students channel their creativity through the Talent Show. Numerous scholars unleashed their hidden talents. Team Bulgaria performed the traditional Bulgarian dance, a student from China performed a magic trick, whereas several other students performed musical pieces and regional folk dances. The event was brought to a close on this innovative note and all scholars bade goodbye to one another, taking fond memories, a great experience and above all, knowledge.

By Sanskriti Naik
The Editorial Board Member of Light House


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