Au Revoir, Adios, Ciao, Sayanora – Farewell 2014-15

Girls of grade 12 and 11 wore brilliant smiles and traditional Indian attires on December 17th  as the seniors partook in one last celebration before they bid adieu to their alma mater – the Farwell for year 2014-15.  The festivities for the day were organized by the girls of grade 11, a unified effort to ensure a reserve of beautiful memories for their seniors.

The day began with the cutting of cakes in each class, which were ordered for the twelth graders by their juniors. The seniors were given badges by the 11 the graders, who were in turn handed key chains in a moment of shared joy.


The main events of the day took place in the auditorium. There were brief entertainment programs including a group song and Walk back the Memory Lane, interspersed with the student of the year presentations.

The student of the year contestants were introduced one by one and were given a chance to present on the topic “I Believe” . They were given complete freedom to use their creativity in whichever way they wished  inorder to showcase their unique ideas, the only limit being that it should be done in two  minutes.  The winners would be chosen by voting – both by the students and teachers – and the audience were urged to make their judgement based on the creativity in presentation of their ideas and articulation. Besides these, the contestants also had to pick a chit from a box, based on which they would be asked a question. The contestants quick  thinking, accuracy and awareness shown in response, made the choice of voting for one person alone difficult for the audience.


Teachers Rachna Saran, Smita Zuting and Pranita Lele, presenting their remarks on the presentations.

Tania Gurdasani, who would later be announced as the runner up for The Student of the Year, said, “Latika ma’am sent us all letters saying that we could show our creativity in any way we liked – I wanted to do something that was out of the ordinary, so I removed the possibility of speeches, changed out of my saree and went out in a plain outfit and just showed emotions using my actions, so I recorded an audio note on what I feel I believed in and performed based on that.” Anusha Rao, the Senior Headgirl won the Student of the Year position – she had managed to captivate her audience with her usual charisma, yet again.

farewell3 farewell4

Tania Gurdasani and Anusha Rao, during their Student of the Year presentations

After the presentations, the senior batch had their photos taken classwise. But there was  a surprise hat they weren’t awaiting – these photos were going to be imprinted on mugs, which would be presented to them as a farwell gift by their junior counterparts, something to cherish for a long time to come.

“From the very beginning of September, we’ve been planning the farewell and we just wanted it to go well so that the 12th graders could enjoy this day”, says Krishea Aswani, the junior headgirl. Prajna U, Deputy Cultural Secretary, remarks, “Preliminary planning went into it even before the summer vacation. There were a few issues that occurred during the planning stage, but I believe we were able to overcome that. We decided to not provide food in favor of giving momentos, but it was initially received with a lot of backlash from the juniors. But they eventually came to accept that we were able to provide the seniors with something that they could take home with them and preserve for a long time, so  I think that makes up for it in the long run.”

There were three committees created for the planning of the event – decoration, events, and food (which was scraped later) . “We started out with just the three of us, but lot of people came to help us out, and in the end its that team effort that actually led to our success”, adds Prajna.

The day ended with a dance party in the auditorium, with the music being provided by DJ Varun Sharma, who happens to be an alum of the school. The students danced with a passion that was brought by the fact that this was the last of such occassions that they have shared with their classmates, a brief period of repreve before exams interefered and they were thrown out into the broader world for a bigger competition.

farewell5 farewell6

For the teachers, what was the best part of the day? Priya Godwani ma’am says, “The Student of The Year program was really good because we got to see a different side of the students, which most of us didn’t know about, or we just had a hint about. And then of course, the dance party because the students let their inhibitions loose and they were really enjoying, which was really satisfying for us to see.”

As the event came to an end, the seniors unanimously agreed that this was a day that they’d remember. “I felt that we were very honored and loved through all the things that you organized for us. It was much more than we could’ve expected”,says  Zuba Mazood, a senior of grade 12 Sci A.

 By Liyana Sahir
Senior Reporter of Light House

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