House Day Celebrations

“It’s nice to compete, but it’s nicer to have fun”

 The House Day is quite an important day for the students of I.H.S. It is the day when the four houses of the school – Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz – battle it out through different ways in order to win the House Cup. The House Day was held on the 18th of December 2014, the last day of school, before the winter break.

The House Day is an annual event through which the four houses of the school put up a show in hopes to earn House points and increase their house spirit. This year’s council was creative and clever enough to put forward an entirely new concept that could include everyone in the celebrations. They aimed to induce a house spirit and a sense of belonging among the students of the four houses, along with a good competitive spirit among the students and to bring together students of varied personalities to function as a successful team.

DSCF3418   DSCF3438

The show consisted of three main segments – Art of Movement, Musical Drama and the Fashion Show. The ‘Art of Movement’ segment consisted of Aerobics, International Dance and Face-off competitions. Each house showcased their dance talents and music sense in this segment. There were also a lot of filler programmes in between to keep the non-participating students entertained. The Musical Drama aimed to send out messages to the audience.


The Fashion Show also consisted of 4 sub-competitions which were – Comic Con, Walk A Tale, Creative Design and Mascot competitions. The houses displayed their immense creativity and fashion designing talents in this segment. The houses had to dress as comic characters for Comic Con, tell a story through fashion in Walk A Tale, create a designer t-shirt in Creative Design and had to represent their house mascots in the Mascot competition. DSCF3469    DSCF3468

DSCF3521    DSCF3597

DSCF3626    DSCF3631

Speaking to Namitha Francis of the Topaz House, whose team portrayed the story of ‘Maleficent’ in the Walk A Tale, she said, “It feels great to have won the 2nd prize in the Walk A Tale, because all our hard work paid off – I could cry any second. We chose Maleficent because it has a lot of characters and some effort had to be made to get the costumes ready. We mixed and matched a lot of stuff to get the costumes – some were stitched, some were borrowed.”


Speaking to Ayesha of Emerald House, who won the ‘Best Actress’ award for portraying the worst actress in Hollywood Kristen Stewart (irony intended), she said, “I didn’t even know that there was a Best Actress category. I looked up a lot of videos of her (Kristen) during interviews and tried to enact her in the best way possible – a soft, monotonous voice and an always expressionless, nonchalant face.”

“I think the best part of the celebrations was the Fashion Show segment – everyone enjoyed it.” said, Ria of 11 Com D (Topaz), who was a spectator and a participant of the Musical Drama.

And just to add to the fun, there arised a competition for the Best Cheering/Supporting Team. The houses created their catch-phrases on the spot, some hilarious and some creative. The Topaz House spectators used their creativity and tied their yellow coloured ID Card strings on their heads as a sign of support.

The results for the Student of the Year was also announced, which was won by Anousha Rao of 12 Com D and Tanya Gurdasani (Teacher’s Choice). Asking Anousha about her win, she said, “I did not really expect it, because I thought, since I was the head girl, a lot of people would try to vote for the other candidates – they all had such immense talents. But, it’s all support at the end of the day and yeah, it feels amazing!”

The House Day Celebrations ended with a bang, as the results were announced. All the students were overjoyed at the results and turned restless as they wrapped each other with hugs and emotions of joy.

By Athira Anand
Senior Reporter of Light House


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