IHS Comes Alive With the Colours Of U.A.E

On 27th November 2014, there was a certain air of patriotism for our resident country as the girls of grades 9 and 10 filled their halls with decorations and the colours of U.A.E.

The U.A.E National Day, observed on 2nd December, is a joyous yearly occasion, celebrating the wonderful country that has provided us all with a home.

The day started off with the daily singing of the U.A.E National Anthem after which the girls began decorating their respective classrooms with red, black, green and white decorations and pictures of the leaders of this country. “It was definitely awesome to just forget about exams and just decorate and it really brought out so much talent”, said Nafeesa F of grade 10.

uae national day   uae national day1

To increase the stakes, each class was judged by a panel of 3 judges consisting of the section supervisor, Mrs. Swarna Chandrasekhar; the section activity coordinator, Mrs. Kanta Bhatia and the dance teacher, Mrs. Shylaja and the classes with the best decorations were declared winners.

uae national day2   uae national day3

It’s amazing to see how much the girls have done in such a short time … and the creativity shown by some are phenomenal.” said Mrs. Kanta. And rightly so, with murals of Downtown Dubai, painted cutouts of Dubai Metro and even an astounding model of Burj Khalifa, the creativing was stunning. The students undoubtedly rose to the occasion and went the extra mile by decorating themselves with badges and ribbons, with some even wearing the national costume, the Burka, a long black gown with a matching headscarf. Navya of grade 9 said, “It was really fun, but quite chaotic. I hope it was worth it. Fingers crossed!!”

“It was very, very difficult to decide the winners. We certainly had our work cut out for us…” said Mrs. Chandrasekhar. But some classes clinched the prize with their extra attention to detail and determined group work. The winners of the competition were: 10-E, 10-D, 10-H , 9-L and 9-H.

united_arab_emirates_640This celebration was not only a fun activity for the students, but also a chance for them to show their love for U.A.E. Sanjana V of grade 10 says, “It’s nice that we are celebrating U.A.E – this country has provided us with a home and we should all be thankful.”

 By Natasha Noushad
Junior Reporter of Light House

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