Tuitions: A Necessity?

“Mom, I’m going to tuitions, I’ll be back by seven!” and that is how all students’  scream every day.

Private tuitions have become a part and parcel of the lives of many students. Most of them believe that if there were no tuitions they would never be able to write their exams and excel in them. But is this true?

Being a student in high school is no easy job. With the increasing pressure from friends, family and society to obtain the best grades in the most important and hectic years of grade 10 and grade 12 many children enroll themselves up for private tutoring. Those who have been top scorers feel the necessity of going for tuitions even before the academic year has started.

Under most circumstances, giving private tuition lessons is illegal in the UAE, but students nonetheless supplement their education with extra lessons.

tuition1Going to tuitions is not something to be dreaded. It does not mean that you are not able to comprehend your lessons or because you are not a fast learner. Tuitions make us capable to understand topics better as we revise the same which has been taught at school. With tutors you are at a more relaxed and composed pace and you may be able to ask doubts and questions and get answers which might not be possible to do so at school. Over there we might as well be able to learn new facts and techniques to improve our learning and studying skills. Lenity Thomas, a student of grade 10 says, “My tuition teacher helps me a lot in grasping the new concepts I learn at school. Without her I think it was impossible for me to score a 20/20 in the last Math FA!”

But tuitions may not be a piece of cake for all. They have their negative aspects as well.

tuition2Private tuitions waste a lot of important time. Students go for tuitions for a variety of subjects including Math, Science, English and more. And tutors mostly teach a maximum of 2-3 subjects. So students usually have to go to places far away from each other. Many high school students spend up to 3-4 hours while traveling to and fro different tuitions in hopes of securing better marks due to increased practice hours. Nidhi Parwani, a student of grade 10 says, “I leave home at 3 pm and come back after 7, it wastes a lot of my time.” Also coming back in the evening after tuitions leaves them exhausted and it’s not possible to study afterwards. This makes it impossible for them to give attention to other core subjects and languages. In the end, they only have time for other subjects when they aren’t busy with homework or tuition class.


These tuition classes are also very expensive in Dubai. With each subject costing around Dh250 and further this becomes a very costly learning experience. It acts like a burden on the shoulders of parents who cannot afford these fees. Dishing out school fees, tuition fees, travel expenses and money for other miscellaneous activities, middle class families have to struggle to make ends meet.

Attending tuitions depends on various factors like a student’s capability and study habits, their parents financial position and so on. The question at the end should not be whether tuition is a necessity but rather whether one gains from these classes.

  By Dhara Ramesh Modi
Junior Reporter of Light House

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