Through the Patriotic Lens

republicday1    republicday2

9th and 11th grade students are seen preparing for the grand parade.


The hosts for the day, Miss Nidhi Ramanathan and Mr Shlok Misra handled the crowd splendidly.


Mrs. Kanta Bhatia and Mrs. Raji Ramesh (teachers of IHS) warmly welcoming the honored guests.


The girls and boys of grades 9 and 10 poured out their talents through patriotic songs after weeks of practice.


A chai stall placed next to the main stage was one of the main attractions of the day.


The Chief Guest, Mr Anurag Bhushan (Consul General of India to Dubai) was welcomed with the sounds of flute and veena.

 republicday8   republicday9

Left: The assistant headgirl, Krishea Aswani giving a bouquet of flowers to Mr. Anurag Bhushan

Right: Consul General of India to Dubai delivering his speech to an audience of parents, students and school faculty.

“26 January holds a special place in our nation’s history… We speak of what Mahatma Gandhi did in 1920s, let’s take a look at what he did when he first came to India in 1901 – he attended a conference in an institute, where he saw the place dirtied by his colleagues. He did not wait for someone to clean the mess but picked up a broom and started cleaning all by himself….”
 – Quoted by Mr. Bhushan in his patriotic speech delivered to all the Indians in Dubai and abroad with a special mention to India’s brave soldiers on this auspicious day.


UNITED BY CULTURE: 3rd and 4th grade girls showcasing some of India’s varied culture through their performance.


UNITED BY SPORTS: Boys of grades 5 & 6, enacting various sports that are native to the varied regions of India.


UNITED BY DIVERSITY:  IIS, DSO students arranged a rainbow posture during their umbrella dance. The colors and arrangements they put forth with childish charm and gusto were a sight to watch.


Girls of grades 7 and 8 in formation to start their performances.


Clockwise from below:  Human Pyramid, Durga dance, and Shield dance.

The human pyramid was probably one of the best performances of the day – the girls stacked above each other in various formations, displaying their balance and agility.


The students had also set up henna and face painting stalls, where all proceeds went to charity.


Clockwise from top left:

  1. The Food court organized by the entrepreneurship students of grade 11 offered nuggets, chicken strips, sandwiches, veg burgers and many more – all prepared, packaged, and presented by the students themselves
  2. A behind the scene look at the group effort put in by the girls in managing their stalls efficiently.
  3. Professionally cooked Indian dishes like vada, idly, set dosa, masala dosa, etc were also available to satisfy the tastes of the people from all over India attending the function.

“I feel really happy to be a part of such a fabulous event because this is the last year we would get such a fantastic opportunity to be a part of the best republic day celebration in the UAE…” said Mary Christina of 11 Sc B, when asked about how she felt about the program.

The Social Media Club of IHS has made many videos about the Republic day at IHS. The links are given below:

Credits to the IHS Social Media Council members (Irene Joseph, Saba S., Greeshma Gopakumar, Delilah) for the images

 By Nelisha Mehta, Liyana Sahir, Merlyn Thomas & Athira Anand
Senior Reporters of Light House

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