Story Writing Competition

The Indian High School had organised an interesting and thoughtful story writing competition to give an opportunity to the young budding writers to participate and express their writing skills. The competition was organised before the summer vacations and all the participants were in an upbeat mood to give their best performances.

Students were required to write a short story on one of the given topics and the topics for the story writing competition were:

  1. A hijacker came in my plane………………..
  2. I saw a big ball of fire coming towards me……….

Majority of the students wrote brilliant and captivating stories on the topic “A hijacker came in my plane” while some of the students expressed their creativity and writing skills  on the alternate topic of “ I saw a big ball of fire coming towards me..”

The coordinators had a tough time deciding the results as the stories were so thoughtfully written and participants had echoed their creativity to the best.

The results were announced after the Summer Vacation and as expected there were a number of winners since their stories were equally well written.

By Aarush Amresh Kumar
Young Reporter of Light House

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